Current Projects

SW WA Healthy Families and Clark County Public Health are teaming up to support businesses with the new PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act.

We are providing free technical assistance on how to navigate federal and state requirements for breastfeeding employees through policy and in-person assessment.

Complete our short Lactation in the workplace self-assessment to get started.

SWHF 2020 Strategy Map

Steps to Implementing a Supportive Workplace Breastfeeding Culture

    • Develop and adopt a personnel rule or policy outlining organizational support for milk expression.
    • Get started with a Lactation in the workplace toolkit and sample breastfeeding policy.
    • Communicate the personnel rule or policy to management, human resources, and leave administrators.
    • Ask employees about their need for lactation accommodations during return-to-work planning.
    • Be positive about making the accommodation.
    • Do not tolerate harassment, negative remarks, complaints about the employees’ need to take breaks for milk expression or status as a lactating employee.
    • Check-in with employee to determine if barriers need to be addressed.