Current Projects

SW WA Healthy Families is committed to addressing racial disparities among all our families in Clark County and SW Washington to improve initiation, exclusivity, and duration of breast/chestfeeding.

We invite you to join our efforts in removing systemic barriers so that breast/chestfeeding is the cultural norm for infant feeding.

Source: Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System

Strategy I: Grow Coalition

Recruit, engage, and retain new and diverse Coalition members and build the coalition’s infrastructure

Recruit new coalition members – through social media, networking and training events
Host monthly meetings to network and share educational information and resources to promote breast/chestfeeding in the community.

Strategy II Training

Identify and provide breastfeeding trainings to the Clark County community and to target audiences

Host an annual conference that provides culturally specific training to nurses, lactation consultants, student nurses, public health, and other healthcare providers that work with breast/chestfeeding parents that will address breastfeeding disparities.

Strategy III Networking

Expand the Coalition’s presence in the Clark County community-including among local providers, hospitals and with community-based breast/chestfeeding supports.

  • Create a Coalition website that can serve as a hub for Clark County breastchestfeeding resources, news, research, (See Resource Hub)
  • Curate a list of stock photos that represent local family diversity to be shared on the website

Strategy IV Resource Hub

Develop and maintain a Clark County Breastfeeding Resource Guide on the website

  • Collaborate with Clark County GIS to provide lactation services on an interactive map

Develop a breastfeeding friendly worksite outreach program

  • Engage with worksites to ensure employers are informed about the Washington and Federal Breastfeeding Accommodation Law
  • Create a one-pager informational handout for employers (Handout included in the Current project folder. There is one in English and one in Spanish).
  • Create a workplace self-assessment for worksites to improve workplace support for lactating employees
SWHF 2020 Strategy Map